1. Can I refund my order?
Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page for details.

2. How can I pay?
You can pay via Credit Cards, Online Banking and E-wallets (Boost Wallet, GrabPay, Touch & Go, Maybank QR and Mcash Online).

3. Are there any added charges for using Credit Card?
No, there are no surcharges or additional fees when paying via Credit Card.

4. Can I place a bulk purchase order?
To place a bulk purchase order please contact our Customer Service Team at or via our live chat feature.

5. I haven’t received my order confirmation email.
If you do not receive your order confirmation email after 30 minutes please contact our Customer Service Team at

6. Can I make changes / cancel to my order?
Unfortunately, once check out is complete and your order has been confirmed we are unable to make any amendments / cancellation. If you have any concerns please contact us via the Contact Us page on our website.

7. My item(s) is wrong, damaged or missing.
Kindly check your items against your order confirmation. If you have received the wrong item, your item is damaged or there is an item missing, please contact our Customer Service Team at

Shipping & Delivery

8. How long does delivery take?
We offers standard shipping in Malaysia. Please see approximate delivery times at our Shipping & Delivery page.

9. Does 1000earring ship internationally?
No. We do not ship internationally at the moment.

10. My online order hasn’t arrived yet.
If you have any queries in regards to the whereabouts of your parcel, you can contact us at

11. Do you require a home address for delivery?
We deliver to home, work and P.O Box Addresses. If you are using a work address please ensure you include any delivery details so the courier can find your location easily, e.g. company name, street of entrance, level number.

12. How do I know if my order has been dispatched?
Once your parcel has been collected and scanned, you will receive an email notification.

Returns & Exchanges

13. Can I return a faulty item outside of 7 days?
No. We do not accept returns or exchanges outside of 7 days. For further information please contact our Customer Care Team at

Product Information

14. How can I best take care of my items?
Our jewelry are mostly made from 925 Silver or alloy with coloplating. We advise you not to wear your jewelry in water, when using cleaning products, lotions or perfumes. These chemicals can cause tarnishing. For further details please see our Jewelry Care page!

15. Are your products Nickel free?
All our jewelry has Nickel release rate less than, or equal to, 0.5 micrograms per square centimeter, per week. Under REACH regulations our jewelry is compliant due to low Nickel content.

16. Is your jewelry hypoallergenic?
Whilst still meeting the REACH regulations, our "Hypoallergenic" labelled items do not have mixed metal plating on the post, which sensitive ears can react to. It is unlikely to cause a reaction, however we do recommend those with sensitive skin to wear our 925 Silver earrings. They are the kindest to skin as they are a pure metal with a low mix of other alloys.

17. Is your 925 Silver genuine?
All our 925 Silver is certified and tested to meet the true fineness of 92.5% pure silver. Please note 925 silver is still an alloy and 7.5% will be made of other elements. This collection should be avoided if you are allergic to Copper. 

Other information

18. How can I get stock information on earring that I want to purchase?

Our Customer Care Team are here to help! For any product enquiries please contact our Customer Care Team at our Contact Us page. If you have a photo of the item you are enquiring about please attach it so we can assist you as best as we can!

19. What is the best way to contact 1000earring?
Our team work to be available as often as possible. If you would like a representative to contact you, send us an email at our Contact Us page.

20. How do I unsubscribe from 1000earring?
There is a button to unsubscribe at the bottom of all emails sent by 1000earring. Click that button and follow the instructions.

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